Event Video Production

Experience Our Event Video Services to Always Cherish Your Special Event

Video is the most magical and expressive way to capture events that you want to remember and to share with friends and family. These are the moments you want to relive over and over again. 

Motion Candy Media provides talented professional video services that will help you retell your story time and again. Along with creating wedding videos, we love to capture the emotions and expressions of those who are part of your special event, the décor, and the festivities of:

  • Business grand openings
  • Quinceaneras
  • Graduations
  • Sporting events
  • Birthday parties
  • Family reunions 
  • Special ceremonies
  • And more

Experience Our Event Video Services to Always Cherish Your Special Event

Hiring a company that specializes in professional video services for your event takes the pressure off of you to capture everything. 

If it is your firstborn son walking across the stage at his high school graduation, your youngest daughter’s Quinceanera, your great-grandmother’s 100th birthday, or your best friend has orchestrated the best ever proposal to his girlfriend, you want to enjoy that moment when you are there and for years to come.

Hire a special event videographer to make every moment count and so you can be a part of the memory too!

Once You See the Final Cut, You’ll Know it was Worth It!

A professional videographer will take all the video clips, cuts, shots, angles, using the best lighting to create a masterpiece to be enjoyed and shared among many. Motion Candy Media has the technical ability, the natural eye and talent, and the artistic skill to create that fabulous and priceless memory.

Imagine this…you are a hardworking entrepreneur who has had a dream for years to open your own business. Through commitment, persistence, research, funding, construction, networking – the day has finally arrived when the doors to your business are open. Now picture the 50 year anniversary of your successfully grown business. Looking back at your grand opening video will bring you and other employees back to where it all began. A grand opening video is an awesome keepsake to hold on to and pass down the generations of your family. 

There is no better way to remember or promote an event than through video. Video is easy to share and fun to watch. 

Hire a Professional Videographer for Your Next Special Event

There is really no limit to what can be captured on video and made into a magical, memorable keepsake. Benchmark events, rare family gatherings, a community coming together in support can sometimes be a once in a lifetime occurrence. You’ll be happy that you hired an event video production company to hold on to times like these. Let us know the next big event you want to capture. We are happy to discuss the details and the cost of our video production services. 


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