Corporate Video Production Services

Why You Should Be Using Video for Business Promotion

Embarking on the promotional video production journey for your business has proven to be an extremely effective way to build lasting and trustful relationships, rapport and credibility with your prospective and existing clientele. 

Using video for business is a strategic way to help you capture the attention of and speak directly to your prime audience. Business videos capitalize on emotion using relatable stories, real-life examples, or an insider’s look of the company. These are just a few methods out of many that will create effective engagement with clients while leaving a positive impression with brand recognition. 

Increase Conversion Rates and ROI with Corporate Video Production Services

It is a fact that companies that use video marketing on their websites experience an increase in conversion rates and lowering the cost of finding new customers. 

Here’s why: consumers who watch a video on a company’s website are more likely to follow through on the action you are hoping they take, whether that is to subscribe to a newsletter, sign up for a free trial, enter their information to learn more, or buy your product or service. 

An especially effective method to increase conversion and ROI rates is to include an explainer video on your website about a service or product you provide. Seeing your product or service work in real-time increases consumer confidence in what you are selling, as well as their own ability to use it or benefit from it. 

Our Business Video Production Services

Every business has a story. Video is one of the best ways for you to share it and to show your unique services. Use video to give information about your company, testimonials that share customer experience or just something that gives your customers an inside look into what makes your business awesome! 

We know all the ins and outs of how to create a marketing video and offer creative video productions that will make your company stand out and give you more bang for your buck in your promotional efforts. 

Your Superior Video AZ Production Agency​

At Motion Candy Media, we provide high-quality video production services for the Prescott and Phoenix areas and beyond. With 12 years of experience in the video production industry, we have many video projects for you to browse through for an idea of the quality, time, effort and creativity that goes into each video.

Here are some businesses who took advantage of our business video promotion services to highlight their products and services:

Immaculate Detail Prescott Airstream Promo

Tabzone Racing Promo

Patriot Windows Arizona Downs Promo

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Hiring a corporate videographer will put you well ahead of your competition, it will get you noticed and will reach far more prospects than traditional marketing services. The times today prove that people are attracted to visually appealing and captivating moving graphics that tell a relatable story.

Your business story needs to be seen and heard, reach out to our video production services and we’ll be happy to consult with you, listen to what you need and the vision you have while sharing ideas on the most effective method of production to get you exactly what your company needs. 

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