Online Marketing Video Production

Showcase Your Business Using Online Marketing Videography

Online marketing is becoming one of the most mainstream ways to promote a business. Using online marketing videography is a prime way to engage with your target market. In fact, companies that use video marketing have a higher return on investment. 

Video has become the preferred method to receive information at a glance, to learn something new, and of course, for entertainment. YouTube has become a household name showcasing how-to videos, the latest must-haves, a “day in the life of” video, testimonials and “my experience” videos, and way more. Youtube has easily become the largest video platform and is now the 2nd most used search engine behind Google. 

There is no doubt that video needs to be an important part of marketing for your business. The reason why video marketing is effective is that you can pack a powerful punch into this media that captures the attention of viewers. It is easier for your audience to watch a short clip than to read through a bunch of verbiage. With our corporate video production services, get your message heard loud and clear. 

Testimonials: Effective, Personal Stories of How Your Business Has Helped Your Customers

 There are consumers who are searching for exactly what you offer right now. Capture their attention and draw them in with the experiences of your satisfied customers. What your customers have to say about working with you, your company and the services you provide are profound at building trust and credibility.

Let the reviews speak for themselves. A word of mouth review can be a deal-breaker for those considering your services. Capture the emotion and the expression of satisfied clients on video to guide others to use your company.  Video testimonials are much more powerful than written testimonials as it has the potential to create a human connection between the viewer and the person sharing his or her experience. 

Using video for business is an extremely effective tool to gain more traction for your company. Video services increase traffic to your website and trust on your website and social media accounts. This is a great way to build trusting relationships with new customers. 

We would be honored to video the awesome things your customers have to say about you!

Take a look here at just some of the video testimonials we’ve created for businesses:

Cornerstone Family Chiropractic Testimonial

Heritage Roofing Testimonial

Oral and Facial Surgery of Prescott Testimonial

Graphic Design:

We are more than just video services. Combined with the creative art of video production, Motion Candy Media also has a creative eye for still graphics. Our graphic design services include the creation of logos, business cards, t-shirts, and vehicle wraps. We are in the business of getting your business noticed! 

Our goal is to turn heads and to get your brand name recognized. The branding of your business can then be incorporated into creative video productions that can be used to further market your company and the great services you provide. 

Graphic design is a skill and an art that is used to create a unique identity for each business and their brand. Highlighting your company’s uniqueness through branding, design, and appeal is imperative to effectively reach your target market. 

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